Why Photo Booths Are Now Almost Essential for Wedding Receptions!

Everybody knows that one of the most important things about a wedding is the photos! Add to that the fact that most guests now are likely to want to take selfies and put them on their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts, and it is clear that photography as a part of weddings is no longer just in the domain of the professional photographer you hire to capture your big day.

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Photo booths have become a popular thing to have at weddings, and a green screen photo booth that can allow people to put different backgrounds into their photos is also really popular. Here, we take a look at why these are an appealing thing to have at a wedding reception, and why you may want to consider hiring one if you are planning your wedding right now.

Looking Your Best

We love taking pictures, and weddings are times when everybody is dressed up, looking good, and having fun, so of course they are good times for selfies! A lot of people buy new outfits just to wear to your wedding and spend a lot of time getting ready. When people are looking their best, they want to show that off, and photo booths give them a fun way to do that.

Getting Together

Another reason why people tend to love photos from weddings so much is that they can, in some families, be one of the few times when you get everyone together. You have invited all the people closest to you to your big day, and a lot of the time these are people who can’t get together when it isn’t a holiday or big event. This means that with your photo booth, your guests can get pictures together with people they love but don’t get to see in person very much. They will be happy to have these memories captured!

Social Media

Social media is a major part of modern life, and whether you love or hate people sharing what they are doing on Facebook, it is certainly something that is going to happen with your wedding! Whether it is people posting status updates about attending the party, or people tagging you in their own selfies from the day, there will be some amount of social media activity when you have your wedding. However, there is a very big upside to this. It means that people who couldn’t make it to the wedding such as relatives who live far away, or friends who had other commitments, can enjoy your wedding too. With a photo booth, you are making it a fun, shareable thing that can be enjoyed by everyone you know, wherever they are!

Photo booths are not just a trend in wedding planning, but they are something that is offering people lots of benefits. If you are in the process of deciding what you want to look into to provide entertainment for your wedding, they are well worth investing in.

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