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Why Photo Booths Are Now Almost Essential for Wedding Receptions!

Everybody knows that one of the most important things about a wedding is the photos! Add to that the fact that most guests now are likely to want to take selfies and put them on their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts, and it is clear that photography as a part of weddings is no longer just in the domain of the professional photographer you hire to capture your big day.

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Photo booths have become a popular thing to have at weddings, and a green screen photo booth that can allow people to put different backgrounds into their photos is also really popular. Here, we take a look at why these are an appealing thing to have at a wedding reception, and why you may want to consider hiring one if you are planning your wedding right now.

Looking Your Best

We love taking pictures, and weddings are times when everybody is dressed up, looking good, and having fun, so of course they are good times for selfies! A lot of people buy new outfits just to wear to your wedding and spend a lot of time getting ready. When people are looking their best, they want to show that off, and photo booths give them a fun way to do that.

Getting Together

Another reason why people tend to love photos from weddings so much is that they can, in some families, be one of the few times when you get everyone together. You have invited all the people closest to you to your big day, and a lot of the time these are people who can’t get together when it isn’t a holiday or big event. This means that with your photo booth, your guests can get pictures together with people they love but don’t get to see in person very much. They will be happy to have these memories captured!

Social Media

Social media is a major part of modern life, and whether you love or hate people sharing what they are doing on Facebook, it is certainly something that is going to happen with your wedding! Whether it is people posting status updates about attending the party, or people tagging you in their own selfies from the day, there will be some amount of social media activity when you have your wedding. However, there is a very big upside to this. It means that people who couldn’t make it to the wedding such as relatives who live far away, or friends who had other commitments, can enjoy your wedding too. With a photo booth, you are making it a fun, shareable thing that can be enjoyed by everyone you know, wherever they are!

Photo booths are not just a trend in wedding planning, but they are something that is offering people lots of benefits. If you are in the process of deciding what you want to look into to provide entertainment for your wedding, they are well worth investing in.

Unique to Spice Up Any Theme and Other Fresh Wedding Decoration Ideas

Decorating a wedding can be one of the most exacting undertakings a party planner will go through. For those who revel in turning drone events to magical and memorable ones, it is certainly the most promising avenue to express creativity and ingenuity and to come up with unique .

Wedding decoration ideas best flourish in themed weddings. Just as focus is the key to succeeding in any area in life, providing a theme for a wedding gives party planner the focus needed in executing unique .

Favorite wedding themes include garden themes, beach wedding, seasonal weddings, Asian weddings and wine-themed weddings. It goes without saying that all the big and little details that go into planning a wedding should fit into the theme the bride and groom chooses. Aside from setting the theme in place, it is equally important to have a checklist of the wedding supplies needed for the wedding, both from the ceremony to the reception area.

For the ceremony, the following decoration ideas will add a fresh twist to age-old ceremonial tradition. Personalize aisle runners with a monogram and pick colors that shy away from the usual. Pearlized gold gives a classic touch; deep red, deepens a romantic theme and hues of blue, pink and yellow highlight a spring wedding. Embed a monogram to unity candles for a more personal touch and add a solid-colored border to the monograms for a modern twist.

For couples who prefer the out-of-the-ordinary, a classic sand unity ceremony kit provides just the right variation from tradition in a simple packaging. With a sand unity ceremony kit, couples can pour sand from individual vases to one vase to symbolize the union, instead of lighting a candle. Embed a monogram on the unity kit to further personalize these wedding decoration ideas.

Ribbons provide a much needed detail to ceremony programs and wedding vow scrolls. Personalize the ribbons with the first names of the bride and groom and the wedding date. Encourage participation from guests by providing freeze-dried or fresh petals in metallic paper petal cones, with a custom text on the inside that will perhaps include a line from your vow and the wedding date. Guests will surely be enthused to throw in the petals as you leave the ceremonial area with these unique . Eco-friendly confetti in acrylic cones and lavender wedding rice could take the place of the petals. Lavender rice gives off a wonderful aroma when stepped on.

Provide a signature frame in welcome areas for guests to sign on and spice up table runners with your signature monogram. In the reception area, leaving wedding bubbles in mini tubes or mini champagne bottles on the tables are wonderful decoration ideas that encourage guests to take part in welcoming the newlyweds. Wedding sparklers set on top of personalized wedding napkins can take the place of bubbles too.

Outdoor tabletop torches and candle on glass seashell tea light holders or heart shaped card holders when lit provide a romantic vibe to a reception. Provide ornate metal reception card box for guests to place wishes and set place cards in place card holders that double as party favors. One great way to set off a place card is by enclosing it in a frame that guests can take home.

Other unique wedding decoration ideas include customizing cake toppers and salt and pepper shakers to fit your theme. Use double happiness cake toppers for Asian themes or utilize metal or glass toppers with monograms for contemporary themes. Bride and groom salt and pepper shakers provide a modern feel to a table setting while junior size blown glass shakers give an almost Mediterranean touch.

These are just a few unique ideas to bring personality and style to any wedding. Remember that with creative enough, wedding decoration ideas will help you make use of items that provide dual or multi-functional features fusing decors into keepsakes and even containers.

How to Find

Planning your wedding can be fun, exciting and even a little bit stressful. Okay, maybe more than a little bit. The best way to cut down on the stress level is to be organized in your planning. One way to do this is by coming up with early in the planning process and building upon each wedding idea you have.

So how does the bride find ideas? The first way is pretty easy. She should think about what she wants. Even if a bride does not know how every detail will play out, she probably has some general ideas of what she wants her wedding to be like.

Most brides to be have a general idea of a few things. Maybe you always thought tiaras were nicer than veils or you know how your hair should be or have an idea of the perfect bouquets or bridesmaid dresses. Start with what you absolutely know you want and build from there.

Run out of ideas already? Have you thought of all of the weddings you have attended? Look back at previous weddings and think about the things you loved and the things you hated. Use these weddings to help you make yours better, learn from other peoples mistakes and build upon great ideas.

You can also ask family and friends for ideas and advice. However if you do this you should realize that it is possible that this will open the door for people to continue giving you ideas and advice through the entire wedding planning process, no matter how long that lasts.

Still need help finding ? That is fine too! Go to your local bookstore and buy (or browse) through the wedding magazines and wedding books that you find there. You can start by looking at weddings in general or you can look for specific types of ideas, like picture books on wedding centerpieces or checking out different types and colors or flowers which will be available at the time of the wedding.

Want ideas now, don’t want to wait? Use the internet. The internet has plenty of resources for brides planning their wedding, from wedding planning articles to online wedding stores where you will be able to shop for all your wedding needs!